Honeymoon Trips

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XingJue, Snail, Derry and I went into the topic of marriage and then to where we wanna go for our honeymoon trip. HAHA! i did mentioned some places that i wanna go, plus the hotels i fancied! 

so anyway, take a loook at this man!

REALLY COOL RIGHT? you will come in contact with fishes and its like an aquarium. haha.

some of your guys may know this already la, but i was really fascinated by the video!


Visitors to Istanbul will soon have a chance to view the most spectacular ocean views on the planet. A seven floor, seven-star hotel is being built underwater on what was formerly a tobacco factory. There will be exhibition halls, and restaurants, and all rooms will be sea facing.

This isn’t the first such underwater hotel complex in the world. That honor goes to the $500 million Poseidon Hotel which is currently being built off Fiji. The Istanbul hotel differs in that it is being built under the city center, which should make for an interesting experience.

The hotel’s inauguration is set to coincide with the city’s taking over from Linz, Austria as the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2010.




2010! and that’s 2 years to come! HEEEEEEEE.


Second entryy!

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my prelims results suck leh, i’m afraid that i couldn’t get into the course i want in SP.

damn. but anyway, i’m super happy that i top for fnn for prelims and coursework for Os.

90+++ % for coursework LEHZXXXX. wah lao, even i can’t believe it lor. (aiming for a 1 to help other subs :D)

(SCRREEAMMMS + CHEERSSS WOOOO. i’m not hao lian ok, i wanna express my happiness over here OK.)

I’M SUPER HAPPY. i thought it was jerina, cause she had always been the top student for fnn for the past 3 or 4 years. heard that she cried after the miss norli said the results.

i know its kinda sad, but to the extent of crying? (weird leh. if i were her, i won’t cry.)

but she don’t have to worry that much la, she already got a place in SP (in the course i want.)

so people like me, would need to worry, that no polytechnics will actually want me. 😦 i’m aiming less than 15 but can be the range of 15 to 18 la, not 20+ (i’ll commit suicide, i don’t want republic man.)

HHHHHHHEE. time to pull up my socks, and way to go! less than 4 weeks counting for sunday onwards.

DIE. x.x

First entry. (:

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Hello everybody. I have shifted from blogger to wordpress, and still new here leh.

Anyway, i kinda like wordpress cause of its lock-up(?) entry function? so if there is anything that is really unhappy about, can just vent my anger out. HEHE. probably someone i dislike lah.

so anyway, i’m really happy leh. its been like how many years i celebrate my birthday, and i kinda miss the feeling eating cake and stuff (although i can do it quite often). aw, sound sad right. hahaha.

& this year is damn swayyyy can, i’ve got some ezcema(?) thingy on my palms and soles of my feet. fcuking itchy, till i couldn’t sleep. and whats more, Os are coming. and i’m down with this kind of thing. affect my mood to study and play. (play and work hard maaaaa.) lucky, its not contagious or else it will be spread to my friends and lao ma. HAHAHA.

so yesterday i randomly typed “itchy hands and feet” into yahoo search engine and found out what i’hv got. i thought i am the only one la, but still got people in other parts of the world got it. so, lucky me. but on the downside, there is NO CURE for this thing. which really bothers me, i wished i could get rid of all sensitives-ness(?) on my face and the whole of my body. maybe give it to someone who is mean, HEH.

ohoh, i think i’ll post the photos too. i looked rugged & unglam, but oh well. it’s a day that is memoriable though. (:

thanks for all the prezzies you guys give, esp daniel (shi fu) which pop out of no where below my block on the 25th to pass present to me. (: (: *INSERTS HEARTS OKAY*

plus all the “take care cum happy birthday messages”  HEEE.

p/s: almost every message i received has this “get well soon” phrase, i thought it was funny, cause i’m not sick at all. it is just the itchness that got me on. HAHAHA. 😀


entry on 24th okay! cause got pictures maaaaaaaaaa.

Hello world!

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