First entry. (:

Hello everybody. I have shifted from blogger to wordpress, and still new here leh.

Anyway, i kinda like wordpress cause of its lock-up(?) entry function? so if there is anything that is really unhappy about, can just vent my anger out. HEHE. probably someone i dislike lah.

so anyway, i’m really happy leh. its been like how many years i celebrate my birthday, and i kinda miss the feeling eating cake and stuff (although i can do it quite often). aw, sound sad right. hahaha.

& this year is damn swayyyy can, i’ve got some ezcema(?) thingy on my palms and soles of my feet. fcuking itchy, till i couldn’t sleep. and whats more, Os are coming. and i’m down with this kind of thing. affect my mood to study and play. (play and work hard maaaaa.) lucky, its not contagious or else it will be spread to my friends and lao ma. HAHAHA.

so yesterday i randomly typed “itchy hands and feet” into yahoo search engine and found out what i’hv got. i thought i am the only one la, but still got people in other parts of the world got it. so, lucky me. but on the downside, there is NO CURE for this thing. which really bothers me, i wished i could get rid of all sensitives-ness(?) on my face and the whole of my body. maybe give it to someone who is mean, HEH.

ohoh, i think i’ll post the photos too. i looked rugged & unglam, but oh well. it’s a day that is memoriable though. (:

thanks for all the prezzies you guys give, esp daniel (shi fu) which pop out of no where below my block on the 25th to pass present to me. (: (: *INSERTS HEARTS OKAY*

plus all the “take care cum happy birthday messages”  HEEE.

p/s: almost every message i received has this “get well soon” phrase, i thought it was funny, cause i’m not sick at all. it is just the itchness that got me on. HAHAHA. 😀


entry on 24th okay! cause got pictures maaaaaaaaaa.


~ by yulings on September 24, 2008.

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