Second entryy!


my prelims results suck leh, i’m afraid that i couldn’t get into the course i want in SP.

damn. but anyway, i’m super happy that i top for fnn for prelims and coursework for Os.

90+++ % for coursework LEHZXXXX. wah lao, even i can’t believe it lor. (aiming for a 1 to help other subs :D)

(SCRREEAMMMS + CHEERSSS WOOOO. i’m not hao lian ok, i wanna express my happiness over here OK.)

I’M SUPER HAPPY. i thought it was jerina, cause she had always been the top student for fnn for the past 3 or 4 years. heard that she cried after the miss norli said the results.

i know its kinda sad, but to the extent of crying? (weird leh. if i were her, i won’t cry.)

but she don’t have to worry that much la, she already got a place in SP (in the course i want.)

so people like me, would need to worry, that no polytechnics will actually want me. 😦 i’m aiming less than 15 but can be the range of 15 to 18 la, not 20+ (i’ll commit suicide, i don’t want republic man.)

HHHHHHHEE. time to pull up my socks, and way to go! less than 4 weeks counting for sunday onwards.

DIE. x.x


~ by yulings on September 26, 2008.

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